The Advantage of Forged and the Password's Manufacturing unsurpassed capabilites

 Password's Manufacturing Advantage + Forged Wheels

PWJDM Precision built Pro-Forged wheels will separate you from the rest of the pack.  Wheels machined from forged aluminum yields greater material properties than standard cast and flow-formed wheels making them are lighter and stronger than everything else. With this higher strength to weight ratio, your wheels will be lighter and stronger making your vehicle faster, handle better, and improve performance all around. Our biggest difference from the rest of the pack is level of quality that we are able to achieve... We machine to true Aerospace AS9100 Standards and have the certification to prove it as well. This is the certification that has to be achieved if you make parts parts for the Aerospace industry. Our precision manufacturing division's bandwidth primarily targets aerospace clients of all sorts from jet manufacturers, to satellite and rockets companies. There's not another manufacturer in the Automotive Aftermarket that can make this claim.
-The Password Precision Manufacturing Advantage... There is absolutely nobody else in the industry that's comparable to us and what we do.